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We offer Repair Service on all Viking Access Systems in Southern California.

If your Viking Access System won’t open or close, we are the company to call.

Our Service Team is  comprised of an Elite Team of Service Technicians.  We have very well-equipped Service Trucks staffed with Factory Trained Technicians who will solve your Viking Access System Gate or Door problem, usually the same day of your call to us. Don't be inconvenienced by others that are unlicensed, not insured & use non-factory trained  technicians. We are Licensed, Insured and Factory Trained.

Viking Access Automatic Gate Operators


 Viking Access Systems Makes some of the Best and most reliable Access Systems in the Industry. You can always rest assured your Gate and Intercom will work properly when a Viking Access Systems is installed at your property.  Viking Access Systems also makes Swing Gate Operators, Slide Gate Operators and Overhead Gate Motors too,  

Viking Access Electric Motors & Access Control


Viking Access Systems Gate Operator Motors are some of the best made controls in the industry and are all manufactured here locally in Los Angeles County. This will provide you with the best Service and quickest response time for Service and or Repairs on your  Viking Access Systems Gate Operators.

Viking Access Systems Installed, Serviced and Repaired in all of Los Angeles County.

Viking Access Slide Gates


 Viking Access Slide Gate Operators

 The K-2™ Residential Slide Gate Operator features the V-Flex control board with on-board diagnostics, LCD display and simple push-button digital limit setup. Featuring a built in heater, increased gate capacity of up to 700 lbs. The power supply features convenient fuse access and LED status indicators for incoming high voltage. Solar efficiency,  direct drive motor and  safety compliance, make the K-2™ the operator of choice for your residential slide gate application. 

 The L-3™ Slide Gate Operator features the V-Flex control board with on-board diagnostics LCD display and a removable power supply box for low voltage wiring. The new chassis design provides easy viewing of the controls and integrated post-mount  provisions allowing it to be raised from the ground  if needed. Featuring a built in heater to perform in cold weather. The L-3™ includes simple push-button digital limits setup, lockable cover and convenient access to the switch for manual release making this operator an excellent choice for both your residential and commercial properties. 

 The H-10™ Slide Gate Operator features the V-Flex control board with an on-board diagnostics LCD display and a removable power supply box allowing for a low voltage wiring option. The new chassis design provides easy viewing of the controls and integrated post-mount provisions. Featuring a true1 HP motor. The H-10™ includes simple push-button digital limits setup, making this operator an excellent choice for both your residential and high traffic properties. 

 The Q-7™ Slide Gate Operator is equipped with mechanical manual release freeing the gate completely from the gear drive.​ 

Viking Access Gate Operators


Viking Access Slide Gate Operators

 The new E-4™ Residential Swing Gate Operator leads the industry in being the best, most cost effective residential linear arm actuator. This new design allows for a maximum gate capacity of 850 lbs/10’ or 550 lbs/16'. Featuring a convenient manual release handle and pre-wiring for an easy and quick installation. It is ready to be powered with low voltage wiring, allowing installation versatility and accuracy. 

 The Viking G-5™, leads the industry in linear actuator swing gate operators. This new design boasts a maximum gate capacity of 2000 lbs and 100% duty cycle operation, making it unlike any other. Featuring a convenient electronic manual release switch and pre-wired for easy and quick installation. The G-5™ is now powered by the V-Flex control board, including a speed control dial and diagnostic LCD display. This new design is solar efficient and ready to be powered with low voltage wiring, allowing versatility of installations.

 The X-9™ Swing Gate Operator features adjustable timer for automatic closure, high efficiency power supply, a built-in three push button station, built-in battery backup capable of 800 cycles in case of power failure, and on-board lightning protection. The X-9™ is now powered by the V-Flex control board, including speed control and diagnostic LCD display. This aesthetic operator is solar efficient and ready to be powered with  low voltage wiring, allowing versatility of installations. This operator can be mounted directly to a column, making it a very popular option for homeowners that do not have the space for a pad mounted gate opener. 

Viking Community Gates


 Know who’s at your front door, even when you’ re not there. All with the power of the Elika Bella and your smart phone. It’s the perfect pairing of safety and reliability. Comes with built-in relays, the Bella will be able to unlock electronic doors or locks. If you are not home, your guests or visitors will have the ability to leave a video message for you. Live video is available by checking the mobile app.   

The Elika Access System will seamlessly integrate into your life, providing constant security and information about who is entering your property. This will leave you feeling secure from anywhere in the world. Never before has an Access Control System provided so many options in connectivity, monitoring and security that best fits all your access needs from simple residential to complex commercial access entry projects. 

 Dynamic and one of a kind, the Elika 460 has revolutionized and reinvented the telephone entry system. Where wireless connectivity meets the robust durability only Elika can provide, the 460 still maintains its simple elegance. With Elika's cloud interface and Bluetooth app, your smart phone is now your gateway and your access control. You can view reports, retrieve images, and allow access easily from anywhere in the world! 

 Elika 722 provides the user with a 4.3” color HD touch screen display. This device is resistant to outdoor conditions, is I.P. 65 compliant and is vandal resistant. The smart directory feature makes it simple to contact tenants in seconds. Don’t worry about placing the 722 in a loud environment, the 722 is fully equipped with noise canceling speakers. With 6 relays and Wiegand inputs you have full control of all your access points. 

Swing Gate Residential & Commercial Operators



 The R-6™ Residential Swing Gate Operator, features the V-Flex control board with on-board diagnostics LCD display and new chassis design providing easy viewing of the controls. The R-6™ is also equipped with a built in heater; an on board temperature management system and allows for an increased gate capacity of up to 700 lbs, making it a great option for heavy ornamental gates. Viking’s integrated true battery backup system, convenient fuse access and LED status indicators for incoming high voltage making this the operator of choice for a home owners swing gate application. 

The  F-1™ Swing Gate Operator, includes the V-Flex control board and a removable power supply box for low voltage wiring. The removable power supply box allows you to run low voltage to the gate operator rather than high voltage which removes the need to trench high voltage wires. This can save the home or business owner thousands in labor and permit costs.. The V-Flex control board provides a LCD display for diagnostics and operator status. The new 1/4" steel chassis allows an increased handling capacity for gates up to 1500 lbs. The F-1™ operator also features Viking's soft-start / soft-stop, built-in heater and Viking's true battery backup system. Smooth gate operation, compliant to both ETL and UL standards 

Gate Motors for Any Apartment, Home or Office


When it comes to Viking gate repairs in Los Angeles, Elite Access Doors and Gates are the specialists, and there is nothing worse than an Viking gate that doesn't work as it is should. It puts your property, business and family at risk, and adds stress to your life that you do not need.

Whether your Viking electric gate needs repair service or just installation, we guarantee to be there when you call us.

No matter the type of  Viking gate needs service or repair, we have experience with gate repairs in all of Los Angeles. 

From automated or manual gates to sliding and commercial gates, we can give you the best solutions. Contact us and let the professionals deal with your problem.

We can fix all Viking gates, at all locations.

 Elite Access Doors and Gates offers you complete solutions for Viking electric gate repair services in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.


From installing your new  Viking electric gate to repairing and servicing your existing gate, we offer total, efficient and affordable services that would give you complete satisfaction and reliability day after day. 



HARDWARE -   Vikings collection of accessories began with the manufacturing of high quality overhead jamb track hardware and has grown by the addition of the only tandem kit in the industry, a pure sine wave invert-er, chain, guide rollers, v-groove wheels and fire department emergency access box just to name a few.

 Vikings Tandem Gate Kit

Heavy duty tandem gate kit capable of operating two 25 ft gates weighing up to 700 lbs each. Ideal for applications that are limited in back space.

Roller Chain

We offer an extensive line of heavy duty roller chain. Available in 10 ft boxes or reels and they come in standard (black), nickel plated and stainless steel.

Guide Rollers

Made with the most durable UHMW plastic, our guide rollers self-lubricating and nonstick surface make them ideal for any type of environment. Guide roller sizes range from 3 inches to 12 inches and they come in black and white color.

V-Groove Wheels and Boxes

Two types, one made from C45 solid steel and the other made from the most durable plastic (UHMW), both come with pre-lubricated double precision sealed bearings.

Knox Fire Box

Fire Knox and Pad Lock Boxes are built of steel and are powder coated to protect from corrosion


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About Viking Access Systems Gate Operators

Manufacturing Advanced Gate Operating Systems.

At Viking Access, they are continuously working hard to identify and design products that will appeal to the industry and it’s needs. As technology continues to advance, they have developed a completely efficient and intelligent line of gate operators to meet the changing demands. These machines offer; full UL325 and UL991 compliance, soft-start and soft-stop, intelligent obstruction sensors, continuous operation (100% duty cycle) and extreme power efficiency. Viking Access Systems operators offer innovative features such as; adaptive and self-learning algorithms, redundancy design in both hardware and software to ensure operation and functionality, protection from lightning, short circuit and power surges, and their exclusive helical gearing offering the highest efficiency rating in the industry. Viking Access Systems entire product line is continually modified, augmented and improved based on the latest technology and customer’s valuable feedback. The results are products that offer accuracy, efficiency, reliability and performance, all in sleek, high-tech designs.​

Viking Access Systems pledges to continue establishing themselves as the leader in high quality, innovative gate operators by developing “Next Level” technology. Viking Access Systems is committed to providing safety and convenience with innovative solutions for every security gate need.

Factory Trained Technicians:

Viking Access Systems operators are the #1 choice for consumers, installers and distributors. 

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