Gate Repair Service


When it comes to gate repairs in Los Angeles, Elite Access Doors and Gates are the specialists, and there is nothing worse than a gate that doesn't work as it is should. It puts your property, business and family at risk, and adds stress to your life that you do not need.

Whether your electric gate needs repair service or just installation, we guarantee to be there when you call us.

No matter the type of gate needs service or repair, we have experience with gate repairs in all of Los Angeles. From automated or manual gates to sliding and commercial gates, we can give you the best solutions. Contact us and let the professionals deal with your problem.

We can fix all types of gates, at all locations.

Driveway Gates


Driveway gates are intended, first and foremost, to ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter specific areas. 

Driveway gates can assist greatly with increasing the personal safety of the residents where they are installed. 

When choosing a gate motor it is vital to take into consideration the gate size and weight to determine the proper gate function.

A motor for an electrical gate that is not installed properly will cause many issues and inconvenience which will incur additional costs.  Our skilled staff installs and repairs all types of gate motors and electric gates in Los Angeles and can answer any question you may have.

We at Elite Access Doors and Gates in Los Angeles guarantee a professional, safe installation and proper gate set up to your needs. If you need driveway gate repair service in Los Angeles we are here to listen, consult, and install a proper gate to the highest standards according to your requests.

Community Entrance Gates


Community entrance gates that offer access to gated communities are decorative and come in all types of shapes and sizes. They add security to the community and prevent entry to; unsolicited vendors, unsolicited religious persons, unsolicited visitors selling door-to-door, vandals, and people who may want to break into homes in the community.

Elite Access Doors and Gates offers you complete solutions for electric gate repair services in Los Angeles. From installing your new electric gate to repairing and servicing your existing gate, we offer total, efficient and affordable services that would give you complete satisfaction and reliability day after day.

Pedestrian Gates


Pedestrian gates control access to walkways around your property. You can open and close them when needed. They come in all types of materials to compliment your home. Pedestrian gates can even add curb appeal to your home or office. We specialize in pedestrian access control into and out of your property.

Elite Access Doors and Gates also installs and provides Repair Services to ped-gates that have intercoms or access control systems to increase security to your property.

Swing Gate Motors


Swing gate openers are usually used when one or both the gates swings in either direction to make it easier to access your property.

These gates require extra care and safety features as they travel inward or outward of a property and may cause damage or injury if not installed correctly. 

Elite Access Doors and Gates can Service, Repair and inspect your gate for proper operation and test any and all Safety Features to protect you the property owner and or others using the gate on a daily basis.

Slide Gate Operators


Slide gate  motors and opener come in many types. What to use depends on the size of the gate, weight, and the level of traffic using the gate. Slide gate operators work well when there is limited space for the gate to run directly along a fence or wall.

All slide gate openers don't all have the same features so it's not easy to select one that will suit your needs without proper inspection. Sliding automatic gate systems have several parts that all need to work together for the system to work correctly day in and day out, all  24 hours a day of everyday.


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