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All-O-Matic Automatic Gate Operators - Openers and Repaired and Serviced


Serving Southern California since 1998 on all AOM All-O-Matic Gate Operators. 

All-O-Matic Gate Operators, All-O-Matic Gate Motors, All-O-Matic Electric Swing & Slide Gates, All-O-Matic Entry Systems.

We offer Repair Service on all All-O-Matic Systems in Southern California.

If your All-O-Matic System won’t open or close, we are the company to call.

Our Service Team is  comprised of an Elite Team of Service Technicians.  We have very well-equipped Service Trucks staffed with Factory Trained Technicians who will solve your All-O-Matic  Gate or Door problem, usually the same day of your call to us. Don't be inconvenienced by others that are unlicensed, not insured & use non-factory trained  technicians. We are Licensed, Insured and Factory Trained.

All-O-Matic Automatic Gate Operators


All-O-Matic Makes some of the Best and most reliable Access Systems in the Industry. You can always rest assured your Gate and Intercom will work properly when an All-O-Matic System is installed at your property.  All-O-Matic also makes Swing Gate Operators, Slide Gate Operators and Overhead Gate Motors too,  

A-O-M Electric Gate Motors & Access Control


All-O-Matic Gate Operator Motors are some of the best made controls in the industry and are all manufactured here locally in Los Angeles County. This will provide you with the best Service and quickest response time for Service and or Repairs on your All-O-Matic Operators.

All-O-Matic Access Systems Installed, Serviced and Repaired in all of Los Angeles County.

All-O-Matic Slide Gates


SL-100FP DC Slide Gate Operator

Designed to be the strongest, most durable DC gate Operator in its class. Allomatics long awaited SL-100FP DC has arrived.

SL-100 DC Slide Gate Operator

Designed to be the strongest, most durable DC gate operator in its class, the SL-100DC is sure to fit the needs of most residential and commercial gate installation

SL-100FP AC Slide Gate Operator

The SL-100FP AC is our most popular automatic gate operator. Affordable, slim and rated for continuous duty on gates up to 1000lbs. This is a 110 Volt AC device capable of years and years of reliable service

SL-100 AC Slide Gate Operator

Designed to be the strongest, most durable AC gate operator in its class, the SL-100AC is sure to fit the needs of most residential and commercial gate installation

All-O-Matic Gate Operators


SL-45 DC Slide Gate Operator

The SL-45DC is the smallest most efficient and reliable residential DC gate operator in the industry

SL-90 DC Slide Gate Operator

The SL-90 DC slide gate operator, is the smallest of our DC slide gate operators. Now available and equipped with all The SL-90DC is the smallest of our line of Commercial DC gate operators

SL-150 AC Slide Gate Operator

The SL-150AC was designed to meet the demands of gate installers who want a gate operator that can handle heavy traffic, commercial/industrial heavy doors and/or extreme weather conditions

SL-150 DC Slide Gate Operator

All-O-Matics new SL-150 DC slide gate operator comes equipped with a true integrated long term battery backup. Like all of All-O-Matic's DC gate operators the SL-150 DC uses an industry first Brushless DC motor, witch means zero maintenance and high precision

A-O-M Community Gates


 All-O-Matic’s early success with the AC overhead gate operator was followed by the first and only DC overhead gate operator in the industry.  Both operators are equipped with the best control board and motor in their class.  Our DC overhead is the only commercial operator integrated with a true battery backup for continuous operation during a power failure.

OH-200 DC Overhead Gate Operator

All-O-Matics new OH-200 DC overhead gate operator is the first and only commercial overhead gate operator available with a true integrated long term battery backup

OH-200 AC Overhead Gate Operator

This is a commercial gate operator for overhead tilt up gates. You will see this operator quietly operating gates for underground parking facilities and apartment/condo buildings

Swing Gate Residential & Commercial Operators


 All-O-Matic’s range of top of the line residential and commercial gate operators guarantees that we have the gate operator for your gate.  We are proud to be the only manufacturer with a full line of AC and DC slide gate operators in the industry.

TORO24 Swing Actuator

The TORO24 Swing Actuator has a modern & slick design that will complement any gate. It's easy to install, offers an uninterrupted power supply. Manual keyed release for easy access when neccesary.

SW-350 DC Swing Gate Operator

The SW-350DC was designed to meet the demands of gate installers who want a gate operator that can handle heavy traffic, commercial/industrial heavy gates and/or extreme weather conditions

SW-350 AC Swinger

The SW-350 AC Swing Gate Operator has been used on gates of up to 20 feet and 1,800 pounds. Over the years its low profile design, heavy duty mechanical foot pedal release, unmatched heavy duty clutch

SW-300 DC Swing Gate Operator

The SW-300 DC was designed to meet the demands of gate installers who want a gate operator that can handle heavy traffic, commercial/industrial heavy gates and/or extreme weather conditions

SW-300 AC Swing Gate Operator

Features a heavy duty torque limiter, huge solid aluminum rust free hub, an easy to install quick release arm and a heavy duty frame

Gate Motors for Any Apartment, Home or Office


When it comes to All-O-Matic gate repairs in Los Angeles, Elite Access Doors and Gates are the specialists, and there is nothing worse than an All-O-Matic gate that doesn't work as it is should. It puts your property, business and family at risk, and adds stress to your life that you do not need.

Whether your All-O-Matic electric gate needs repair service or just installation, we guarantee to be there when you call us.

No matter the type of  All-O-Matic gate needs service or repair, we have experience with gate repairs in all of Los Angeles. 

From automated or manual gates to sliding and commercial gates, we can give you the best solutions. Contact us and let the professionals deal with your problem.

We can fix all All-O-Matic gates, at all locations.

 Elite Access Doors and Gates offers you complete solutions for All-O-Matic electric gate repair services in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.


From installing your new  All-O-Matic electric gate to repairing and servicing your existing gate, we offer total, efficient and affordable services that would give you complete satisfaction and reliability day after day. 



HARDWARE - All-O-Matic's collection of accessories began with the manufacturing of high quality overhead jamb track hardware and has grown by the addition of the only tandem kit in the industry, a pure sine wave inverter, chain, guide rollers, v-groove wheels and fire department emergency access box just to name a few.

TK-1000 Tandem Gate Kit

Heavy duty tandem gate kit capable of operating two 25ft gates weighing up to 700 lbs each. Ideal for applications that are limited in back space.

Roller Chain

We offer an extensive line of heavy duty roller chain. Available in 10 ft boxes or reels and they come in standard (black), nickel plated and stainless steel.

Guide Rollers

Made with the most durable UHMW plastic, our guide rollers self-lubricating and nonstick surface make them ideal for any type of environment. Guide roller sizes range from 3 inches to 12 inches and they come in black and white color.

V-Groove Wheels and Boxes

Two types, one made from C45 solid steel and the other made from the most durable plastic (UHMW), both come with pre-lubricated double precision sealed bearings.

Knox Fire Box

Fire Knox and Pad Lock Boxes are built of steel and are powder coated to protect from corrosion


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About All-O-Matic Gate Operators

For over 20 years,  All-O-Matic's main goal has been to establish everlasting partnerships with customers by providing the highest quality gate operators, hardware, and services.

All-O-Matic is the only manufacturer with a full line of AC and DC gate operators. All-O-Matic provides an assortment of small residential to heavy duty commercial operators to satisfy all installation needs. All-O-Matic gate operators offer a variety of options such as integrated battery backup, emergency foot pedal release, and built-in loop rack. All-O-Matic continually monitor and evaluate their gate operators in the field to ensure the optimum performance.

Over the last few years All-O-Matic's selection of products has increased from gate operators to a variety of hardware and accessories. All-O-Matic now offers the only tandem gate hardware in the industry, a power inverter, roller chain, v-groove wheels, guide rollers and fire boxes, just to name a few.

What sets All-O-Matic apart from the competition is their commitment to providing you with the best service possible. Everyone who answers their phone doesn't simply read off a manual to answer your question but actually has hands on experience with their products. All-O-Matic pride themselves in answering any questions promptly and efficiently so that they can save you time.

All-O-Matic has maintained these high standards through its daily efforts to manufacture a better product and give the service others can only dream of.

Factory Trained Technicians:

All-O-Matic operators are the #1 choice for consumers, installers and distributors. 

Available to speak with you about your All-O-Matic Gate at 800-368-7921


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