New Custom Made Garage Doors Installed in Los Angeles


 If you are interested in the installation of a new  garage door, it's important that you consult our experienced professionals in order to get a smoothly functioning door that will not cause you issues in the future. Elite Access Doors and Gates offers a variety of garage doors with unique and innovative designs. Such as Classic Steel garage doors, Glass garage doors, Wood garage doors, Custom doors, Aluminum garage doors and Fiberglass garage doors. Elite Access Doors and Gates company is proud to present all its clients with the highest quality service. Our staff offers the best garage door installation service in a manner which is professional, reliable and trustworthy. Throughout the years we have executed many jobs in this field and each time provided our clients with the best solutions, and this without compromising on a quality product made of the best materials, as well as a professional and adequate installation.

You are welcome to contact us to schedule a consulting and guidance, without any obligation to buy from us.

Aluminum & Glass Stainless Steel & Copper Garage Door Installed $2,800 & up


These stunning and modern garage doors can be made in a variety of options. The aluminum and glass doors can have rails in any color, and glass in a variety of colors, opacity, and panel layouts. Stainless steel and copper flush doors make a dramatic high-end statement. If you have a contemporary home and the right budget, these doors will make your curb appeal explode! These doors take about 4 weeks from order to installation. 

Custom Wood Carriage House Style Garage Doors $4,000 & up


These doors can be made in any design you like. .For example, you can take a picture of your front door and we'll make a garage door to match! When you are making a garage door to an architect's or designer's specs, these are the doors we use. We'll be glad to help with design recommendations. These doors can be made in paint grade or stain grade materials. We can also make wood doors with glass panels (very zen). Every custom wood door is made to order, and every one we do is a unique creation. Generally, these doors take from 3 to 5 weeks from order to installation. 


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